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Slate for 2017 - For Cannes

The West and the Ruthless, Official Poster – Western Action Film.

The-West-and-the-Ruthless-Official-PosterThe West and the Ruthless

In the dusty streets of Crow's Landing, outlaws, wealthy plantation owners, runaway slaves, a half Cherokee girl, a pair of brothel owners and a woman days away from giving birth all end up in a bloody shoot out and running for their lives.

“Exhilarating! An Instant Indie Western Classic!”

“Excellent with Wry, Black Humor!”
The Film Buzz

“Like a Tarantino but with Morals.”
The Black List

“One of Ten New Directors Picked by Robert Rodriguez”
El Rey Network

“Great locations. Lovely costumes. The Actors are quite good. And the violence really ramps up from the start.”

“It’s not called the West and the Nice People!”
Modesto Bee

PEOPLE, POLITICS & PLANES – Documentary 90 mins

Just a PLANE old conspiracy theory.

Sir Freddie Laker People, Politics & Planes

Directed by Vince Woods – in production

What could lead a president to dismiss a grand jury and inform the country that it was ‘in the nation’s best interests’. Why would the world’s two foremost leaders with the ‘special relationship’ Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, who gave rise to Glasnost, secretly agree to a deal that resulted in bringing down an airline? The true events surrounding the fall of Sir Freddie Laker and his ground breaking no frills airline Skytrain.

THE FESTIVAL GAME (CANNES ‘69) – Feature Documentary

The Festival Game Cannes 69

Feature documentary - A rediscovered film, lost for over 30 yrs
Originally filmed in 1969
Directed by Tony Klinger & Michael Lytton
Music by Ronnie Scott
Starring: Omar Sharif, Dennis Hopper, Peter Ustinov, Yul Brenner, Charlton Heston.

Based on 52 mins of original material shot in 1969 during the whole of the Cannes Film Festival, now being upgraded with additional interviews, this is one of the most watched UK documentaries of the last 50 years.

THE FESTIVAL GAME, is a documentary about the Cannes Film Festival featuring the great and the good of the era. FESTIVAL GAME went on to get a 1,400 cinema playdates in the UK as a second feature making it the second most played film documentary in the UK, ever.  

EXTREMES – Feature documentary – 89 mins


Feature documentary – 89’ - A rediscovered film, lost for over 30 yrs
Originally filmed in 1970/71
Directed by Tony Klinger & Michael Lytton

Music by: Supertramp Crucible, and Arc

When Society became permissive the Youth culture in England exploded into technicolor life allowing an anything goes freedom of expression. EXTREMES focuses on the Isle of Wight festival, urban street life and the hard drug scene. Eye opening, harrowing and sometimes amusing this is a must see film of its time.

Made by Tony Klinger and Michael Lytton, then aged 19 and 21 this is documentary making at its raw edge, with cameras recording the wild times of young people seeking new ways to express themselves. Natural, informative, dynamic and sometimes sad this is a film about a time never to be repeated.
An Outstanding film of the year at the London Film Festival 1971.

The Conversations – Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi – 75 mins

The Conversations

Directed by Marcus Flemmings & Haider Zafar

THE CONVERSATIONS is the poignant story of a young man’s journey to overcome heartbreak. Stand-up comedian, Ali is desperate to erase the memories of blonde American muse Ellie Goldsmith. What ensues is a comedic insight into Ali’s state of mind and a refreshingly frank portrayal of a troubled man’s attempts to deal with his feelings.

The Conversations“Incredible freshness, biting comedy, and poignant melancholy”
Chris Olson, UK Film Review

“Witty, Inventive and packed with great ideas”
Chris Watt, Watch This Space Film Magazine

“Excellent gem of a film”
Aly Lalji, Flickfeast

Watch Here: The Conversations Trailer

Swipe Right – Horror – 95 mins

Swipe Right HorrorDirected by Jane Sangar

Fort Halstead the old mental asylum has been closed by the government. Its remote location meant it was a well-hidden secret few knew about. When a group of girls determined to rehearse a dance routine for their next big TV opportunity stay nearby they want to party and have fun as well as work. They invite various boys via swiperr the dating app to a summer party, but do they really know exactly who is coming? When one by one the girls disappear over the next two days only creepy cryptic clues are left behind involving dead crows and an old rhyme. Then Jodie the dance teacher uncovers a dark secret. She must break the code to save her life from an evil psychopath and find her friends before it is too late.

HARRIGAN – Crime Thriller 96 mins

HarriganDirected by: Vince Woods
Stephen Tompkinson, Craig Conway.

SYNOPSIS: Amongst the desperation and fear growing in a crime ridden sink estate in northern England, a man becomes embroiled into saving what little decency and community life exists. It’s early 1974, power cuts and miner strikes cripple the country. Everything it seems is falling apart along with the community’s only hope and protector being the nearly retired Detective Sergeant Barry Harrigan.

Harrigan 'Compulsively watchable - it’s not hard to imagine Harrigan being convincingly relocated to a Wyoming frontier town, lock, stock and still-smoking barrel.' SIGHT & SOUND

'Sharp and brutal…. Like a strong punch to your gut, this film will hold you captive.' FILMLAND EMPIRE

'Great performances from the film’s leads.' DOG AND WOLF

'Moodily directed by Woods and written by former police detective McKenzie, who brings a gritty authenticity to the piece, …Harrigan is a tough, no-nonsense little thriller that punches above its weight.'SCREEN JABBER

'Intelligent and insightful throughout.' BRITFLICKS

'Certainly a captivating piece of cinema – a real classic British drama feel about it.' HEY U GUYS

FULL CIRCLE – Feature Documentary 88 mins


The men of the INS Dakar – Never forgotten

Feature Documentary – 88 mins
Produced and Directed by Arnon Manor & Tony Klinger

In 1968 , submariner Dan Manor was lost at sea with 68 of his crew mates. Dan was returning to Israel aboard the INS DAKAR to meet his new-born son Arnon when tragedy struck midway across the Mediterranean. Communication was lost and years later the DAKAR’s emergency buoy washed up on the Egyptian coastline the crew was no longer missing, but lost at sea.

We follow Arnon’s emotional compulsive journey from London to LA to Cyprus to Israel and then out to sea. We accompany the families of the lost crew, the deep-water salvage adventure which finally returns the DAKAR with her tragic history back to its home base.

After a 32 year search the father he never knew a son finds answers to all the unanswered questions and closes the FULL CIRCLE.

Nine Dead – Mystery & Suspense | Horror


Communication is the key for the survival of nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told that one of them will die every ten minutes until they discover why they are there. Can they figure it out before they all die?

Rating: R
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Horror
Directed By: Chris Shadley
Written By: Patrick Wehe Mahoney
Runtime: 1 hr. 38 min