Making It Happen

Road to Calum
A TallTree Pictures production

In pre-production.

Plot Summary
Set in the 1970’s –80’s on a remote island in the Western Isles of Scotland, the story of one man’s fi ght to save his community, its identity and way of life. A crofter and local lighthouse keeper named Calum builds a 2 mile road through ‘impossible’ terrain single-handedly over ten years. A vision and crusade all the more remarkable for a man of 60 years old.

This fi lm is not just about building a road, but a man’s fi ght against the elements, bureaucracy, government, family and friends, embracing pride, integrity, identity and achievement against impossible odds. The harsh realities of survival, and the importance of love and honour, which can triumph to bind people and dreams together. His remote community needs a road, but the council refuse to build one, so he buys a 19th Century Road Making Manual, then, taking up pick and shovel, and the odd stick of dynamite, sets about hewing a two mile road into the granite cliff face for more than ten years. This mind blowing task creates major confl ict with the authorities, a highly sensitive area of the Western Isles of Scotland. After years of struggle ‘Calum’s Road’ is hailed as a wonder of civil engineering. Though Calum and his wife were the only two people left living in the village when he fi nished it, today the area is thriving idyllic life for families, crofters, bringing together sustainable living in a world that has come full circle.

Based on the true-life story of Calum MacLeod of the Isle Raasay.